New Vertabase 5.6 makes Sharing Project Reports and Processing Project Data Even Easier

New features in Vertabase 5.6 project management software deliver flexibility We know how much you love your Vertabase project management software and its quick and easy functions for creating, managing and distributing reports. Well, get ready for some more loving because Vertabase is releasing Vertabase 5.6, which includes five new enhancements to Vertabase’s flagship product […]

New Trends in Project Management

Leadership roles are one of the most important positions in every corporation, institution, or organization. All sorts of projects and specially formed teams emerge to take advantage of new ideas and advancements. These projects are not ensured to succeed and to be realized smoothly. Managing projects and the teams that are assigned to them is […]

Lessons Learned from a Project

At any given period lessons learned illustrates what worked and did not on that particular project. While lessons learned should take place throughout the entire project life cycle. While this happens throughout the process, lessons learned can only be fulfilled at the last part of the project process. Why are we having a lessons-learned documentation […]

Best Team Building Activities

The main aim of the team is to share a common purpose, and each member is working towards achieving a project objective. A group of a people is developed in a project team through five stage team model i.e. forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning. This model forms a framework for the team to understand […]

5 Golden Lessons on Leadership

I recently met with leaders of major global projects and want to share what I found. These are incredible individuals leading projects such as a new GPS system (with satellite launches and all), reduced water use for an entire country, a new type of military aircraft and the Panama Canal. We may not lead projects […]

Sharpen Your Problem-Solving Skills

Solving problems is an important part of project management. As project leader, your ability to effectively forecast, identify and solve problems can often spell the difference between meeting or exceeding client expectations and a project that falls behind schedule or otherwise disappoints. In business, the best leaders are always the best problem solvers as well. […]

The Around the Clock Project Manager

Let’s see…raise your hand if you are a 9 to 5 project leader? Anyone? It happens from time to time, but the demands of project management are such that it is somewhat of a rarity. Now throw in the concept of consulting as a project manager or in any type of project role and the […]