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Welcome to your conference call, now check your Instagram feed.

Is that your general reaction to conference calls? You are not alone. According to a Harvard Business Review Poll, 65% of conference callers are doing other work; anything from sending out emails, making food, exercising, shopping, texting and yes, checking social media. According to HBR, the problem is not our attention spans; it is in […]

Touching the Thistle – Do you Take the Unappealing Project?

Let’s get to the point. Can you succeed in a project if it holds no appeal to you? Can you give it your all and score a slam dunk for the coach, team and yourself? Maybe you can turn this leftover lunch into a dinner at The French Laundry… Is it the project itself?  Maybe […]

Taking Responsibility for a Sinking Project

There are copious reasons why a project might sink or start to take on water.  Lack of commitment from top management or from the senior stakeholders is an obvious problem, and if you are running with the wrong or obsolete solution in your project, then you are the captain of a sinking ship. The sooner […]

When the Project Budget Must be Cut

It’s February and you are six months into a yearlong project. You are past the planning phase and are focusing on the heart of the solution when your phone rings; funding has been cut by 15%, now what?! After a bit of profanity, you need to sit down and regroup, “I quit!” is not an […]

Managing conflict as a project manager

Conflicts within the team is inevitable. How the project manager manages this conflict will make the difference between creating a better team or creating a bigger chasm. Staying calm and balanced will prove to be a challenge, especially if there are strong personalities involved. As annoying and time consuming managing conflict is, it is an important part of […]

Status Reports: We need it now!

You’d better have 10 pairs of eyes, matching sets of ears and a crystal ball if you want to be the project manager. That, or make sure you are on top of your status reports. It will probably work better for you then all those extra eyes and ears. Most project managers these days will […]

Project management in a third world country? Make it easier for yourself!

Managing an impeccable project requires skill, time management and being able to bring out the best talents of every individual in the team. It also implies having accurate knowledge of your resources and being able to utilize this information to your best advantage. For a project manager working in a third world country, this may […]

How to Manage a Non-Performing Team Member on a Project

I know, this must come a s a surprise, but there are team members that are less than enthusiastic about being on your project.  This puts the success of your team at risk! After all,  “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success” (Henry Ford) . Let’s get all your […]

Top 8 reasons why documentation in project management is a must

One fine morning, as you walk towards your office feeling absolutely great, your boss suddenly pounces at you, literally out of thin air. He bombards you with questions about the project you’ve been managing, your progress and the results obtained. You stare at him dumbfounded because even though you know how great a success the […]

New Vertabase 5.6 makes Sharing Project Reports and Processing Project Data Even Easier

New features in Vertabase 5.6 project management software deliver flexibility We know how much you love your Vertabase project management software and its quick and easy functions for creating, managing and distributing reports. Well, get ready for some more loving because Vertabase is releasing Vertabase 5.6, which includes five new enhancements to Vertabase’s flagship product […]

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