Vertabase 5.1 Release Notes

The current release continues on the theme of the 5.0 product line: Do what you do, only better!

The rapid release of this level of new features and interface improvements  represents the first fruits of the company’s internal move to increased use of agile approaches with a blended project management methodology and comes on the heels of the company’s 15th anniversary.

New features of 5.1 include:

Improved Project Schedule Usability
by adding
•    New functionality directly on the project schedule pages,
•    Re-organizing the schedule action columns,
•    One-click task adding,
•    Custom and default schedule filter views and
•    Improved highlighting for better visibility when working with a project schedule;

Faster Resource and Personnel Management
with a
•    Redesigned user account page
•    One click to add someone to all projects
•    One click to remove someone from all projects
•    Easy access for people to manage their vacations
•    One click view of a person’s availability.

More Online Timesheets Options by introducing a
•    Weekly timesheet grid format by days of the week
•    Copy entries for easy updating
•    See daily totals of hours by project and task
•    Quick project search to find projects and tasks to add time to
•    Filter project list to only see assigned projects to find projects faster
•    There are now five ways to enter time onto tasks: weekly timesheet online, free form online timesheet, the desktop Timer, directly on a personal daily task list, and through your mobile device.

Reporting Enhancements and Gantt PDF output.